ICM-2 in Payerne (CH), 2010

2nd Implementation and Coordination Meeting in Payerne (CH),
01 March to 05 March 2010

Information about ICM-2


MeteoSwiss, Payerne, Switzerland


01st March  - 05th March 2010


  • MeteoSwiss
  • U.S. GCOS Program Office at NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) [financial support]
  • NOAA Office Global Programs [financial support]
  • GCOS Secretariat [logistics support]


  • Peter Thorne (Chair, GCOS AOPC Working Group of Atmospheric Reference Observations)
  • Holger Vömel (Head, GRUAN Lead Centre)
  • Stephan Bojinski, Anna Kuhn (GCOS Secretariat)
  • Bill Murray, Howard Diamond, Chris Miller (NOAA)
  • Dominique Ruffieux, Rolf Philipona (MeteoSwiss)


Update on GRUAN progress and discuss new developments, with a focus on:

  • quality assurance, science, site issues, and collaboration with WMO
  • instigate a detailed work plan for the Lead Centre, WG-ARO and other parties


  • Report of the Second GCOS Reference Upper Air Network Implementation and Coordination Meeting (GRUAN ICM-2) (GCOS-140)
  • GRUAN Implementation Plan (GCOS-134) (basic document which all participants are requested to read in advance of the meeting)
  • Documents supporting individual agenda items.


Site maps

Position and region map

Position map

Local map

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