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MST paper Colombo et al. 2022 published

The manuscript "Quantifying the interpolation uncertainty of radiosonde humidity profiles, Colombo & Fassò" has been published on Measurement Science…

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AMT paper Hoshino et al. 2022 in review

For the paper GRUAN data products from Meisei iMS-100 and Vaisala RS92 were compared with 57 dual sounding data.

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ICM-13 meeting report published

The report of the GRUAN ICM-13 meeting is available for download.

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AMT paper von Rohden et al. 2022 published

The paper describes the radiation correction for the RS41 that was developed using the custom-built laboratory test facility SISTER at the Lead…

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AMT paper Ingleby et al. 2022 published

The study evaluates the quality of descent data from operational radiosoundings - mainly for Vaisala RS41 - and compares them with ascent profiles…

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AMT paper Lee et al. 2021 in review

"Laboratory characterisations and intercomparison sounding test of dual thermistor radiosondes for radiation correction" by Lee et al. The paper is…


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ICM-13: presentations and documents available

The 13th GRUAN annual Implementation and Coordination Meeting, ICM-13, took place 15-19 November 2021 as virtual meeting. All presentations and…


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ICM-13: agenda available

Due to the global Covid-19 situation, this year's meeting will be organized as a condensed, virtual meeting in the week of 15-19 November 2021.

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AMT paper Rosoldi et al. 2021 in review

"Intercomparison of Vaisala RS92 and RS41 radiosonde temperature sensors under controlled laboratory conditions" by Rosoldi et al. The paper is open…

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AMT paper Lee et al. 2021 in review

"Radiation correction and uncertainty evaluation of RS41 temperature sensors by using an upper-air simulator" by Lee et al. The paper is open for…

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AMT paper von Rohden et al. 2021 in review

"Laboratory characterisation of the radiation temperature error of radiosondes and its application to the GRUAN data processing for the Vaisala RS41"…


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Paramaribo (Suriname) first GRUAN site in South America

With the establishment of a new site in Paramaribo we have reached the landmark of the first GRUAN site on the South American continent. This is…

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AMT paper Ingleby et al. 2021 in review

The following GRUAN-relevant paper was published at AMT: "On the quality of RS41 radiosonde descent data" by Ingleby et al. The paper is open for…


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ICM-13: virtual meeting 15-19 November 2021

In view of the ongoing Covid-19 situation, ICM-13 will again be organized as a virtual meeting.


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Lauder 60th

The GRUAN site Lauder (NZ) was founded 60 years ago.