Authors of a GRUAN article win the Vaisala award 2016

Professor Dr Vilho Väisälä Award for an Outstanding Research Paper on Instruments and Methods of Observation

During an official award ceremony on 28 September 2016 at the CIMO TECO in Madrid, the Vaisala Award for outstanding research paper on instruments and methods of observation was handed over to the authors of the paper "Reference quality upper-air measurements: GRUAN data processing for the Vaisala RS92 radiosonde" (10.5194/amt-7-4463-2014).

All authors, except Dale Hurst, were present to receive a certificate and medal from the hands of Wenjian Zhang (Director of WMO's Observing and Information Systems Department) and Bertrand Calpini (President of CIMO), commemorating this proud achievement. Subsequently, lead-author and head of GRUAN Lead Centre Ruud Dirksen gave a 15 minute presentation on the winning paper, which describes in detail how the reference GRUAN data product is created from the measurement data of the commercially available RS92 radiosonde. The paper provides a full description of the correction algorithms that are applied together with a comprehensive analysis of the measurement uncertainties.