Current Status of Data Flow

Data flow from sites to the GRUAN Lead Centre


The current status of the data flow in the network is determined at the GRUAN Lead Centre. Therefore, all information about availability refers to the GRUAN data archive at the LC.

If possible, the measurements should be submitted within a few days up to one month (30 days) (green background). Only if measurements of the last 30 days are available will a further evaluation take place. Otherwise, the times of the last data delivery or measurement are color-coded: up to 90 days (yellow), up to 1 year (orange), even older (red).

The colors in the timeline of the last 30 days are defined as follows: 1 measurement per day (light green), 2 to 3 measurements per day (green), 4 measurements per day (dark green), more than 4 measurements per day (violet). The named data streams refer to the last 30 days only.

Status of all Measurement Systems