UAWS-2 in Seattle (USA), 2006

Workshop on "Reference Upper Air Observations for the Global Climate Observing System: Potential Technologies and Networks" in Seattle (USA),
22 May to 24 May 2006

Information about UAWS-2


Applied Physics Lab, University of Washington, Seattle, USA


22nd May  - 24th May 2006


  • David Goodrich, GCOS Secretariat


  • David Goodrich, Peter Thorne (UK Met Office), Junhong Wang (NCAR), Dian Seidel (NOAA ARL), Bill Murray (NOAA CPO), Howard Diamond (US GCOS Program Manager, NOAA/NCDC)

Meeting rationale

This meeting will consider and evaluate technological options to meet the requirements set out in the report from the February 2005 Boulder workshop on Climate Requirements for Upper-Air Observations. It is specifically focused on a reference network as articulated in the GCOS Implementation Plan, and adopted as the climate requirements of GEOSS. The goal of a reference network is full characterization of the atmospheric column characteristics for several decades into the future. This will require surface-based, radiosonde-based, and other instrumentation, of which much of the infrastructure already exists at current GUAN stations or in other networks (BSRN, ARM etc.). The workshop forms part of a series of events that will result in a fully costed and justified proposal to relevant governments and agencies for their consideration and implementation.

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