List of measurement systems in GRUAN

Describe the measurement systems and document views and changes

    KeyNameDescriptionInstrument ViewInstrument ChangeZIP
    ALC-RS-01 Alice Springs radiosonde launch site 2021-01-01
    BAR-GN-01 GNSS Site UTQI 2021-01-01
    BAR-RS-01 Barrow radiosonde launch site 2021-01-01
    BAR-RS-02 Barrow autolauncher system 2021-01-01
    BEL-GN-01 GNSS Site DCHU
    BEL-RS-01 Beltsville Radiosonde Launch Site
    BOU-GN-01 GNSS Site P041
    BOU-GN-02 GNSS site TMS3
    BOU-RS-01 Marshall Radiosonde Launch Site 2024-06-18
    CAB-GN-01 GNSS Site CBW1
    CAB-RS-01 De Bilt Radiosonde Launch Site
    DAR-GN-01 GNSS Site SA39
    DAR-RS-01 Darwin radiosonde launch site
    DLG-RS-01 Dolgoprudny Radiosonde Launch Site
    DVS-RS-01 Davis radiosonde launch site
    GRA-GN-01 GNSS site ENAO
    GRA-RS-01 Balloon-Borne Sounding System (SONDE) at Graciosa 2023-06-19
    GVN-RS-01 Neumayer Radiosonde Launch Site
    HKO-RS-01 Hong Kong automatic upper-air sounding system 2024-03-12
    HKO-RS-02 Hong Kong manual upper-air sounding system 2024-03-12
    LAU-GN-01 GNSS Site LDRZ 2024-04-04
    LAU-RS-01 Lauder Radiosonde Launch Site 2024-04-04
    LAU-RS-02 Invercargill Radiosonde Launch Site
    LIN-GN-01 GNSS Site LDB0 2018-06-30 2021-05-05
    LIN-GN-02 GNSS Site LDB2 2024-05-15
    LIN-GN-03 GNSS Site LIN0 2024-05-15
    LIN-RS-01 Lindenberg radiosonde launch site 2021-01-01 2024-05-15
    MAQ-RS-01 Macquarie Island radiosonde launch site
    MEL-RS-01 Melbourne Airport radiosonde launch site
    MEL-RS-02 Broadmeadows radiosonde launch site
    MTS-GN-01 GNSS Site ???? 2023-08-28
    MTS-RS-01 Minamitorishima radiosonde launch site 2023-08-28
    NYA-GN-01 GNSS Site NYA2 2020-07-01
    NYA-RS-01 Ny-Aalesund Radiosonde Launch Site 2017-12-11 2024-04-14
    PAY-GN-01 GNSS Site PAYE 2022-06-23
    PAY-LI-01 Payerne Raman WV Lidar (RALMO) 2022-06-23
    PAY-RS-01 Payerne Radiosonde Launch Site 2018-03-31
    PAY-RS-02 Automatic Payerne Launch System (Autosonde) 2018-03-31
    PMO-RS-01 Paramaribo Radiosonde Launch Site
    POT-GN-01 GNSS Site TITO
    POT-RS-01 Potenza Radiosonde Launch Site 2020-09-03 2024-05-31
    POT-RS-02 Automatic Potenza Radiosonde Launch System (Autosonde AS15) 2024-05-31
    REU-GN-01 Maïdo GNSS Site MAIG 2020-07-02
    REU-GN-02 Saint Denis GNSS Site STDE 2020-07-02
    REU-LI-01 LIDAR 1200 Maïdo Raman Water Vapor Lidar 2020-07-02
    REU-RS-01 Maïdo Radiosonde Launch Site 2020-07-02
    REU-RS-02 Saint Denis Radiosonde Launch Site 2020-07-02
    REU-RS-03 Gillot Ozonesonde Launch Site 2020-07-02
    ROS-GN-01 GNSS site SCTB
    ROS-RS-01 Ross Island Radiosonde Launch Site (McMurdo)
    ROS-RS-02 Ross Island Radiosonde Launch Site (Arrival Heights)
    SGP-GN-01 GNSS Site SGPO
    SGP-RS-01 Balloon-Borne Sounding System (SONDE) at Lamont 2023-06-16
    SNG-GN-01 GNSS site MSS1 2024-05-21
    SNG-RS-01 Singapore Radiosonde Launch Site 2020-06-02 2024-05-21
    SOD-GN-01 GNSS Site SODF
    SOD-RS-01 Sodankylä Radiosonde Launch Site
    SOD-RS-02 Automatic Sodankylä Launch System (AUTOSONDE)
    SYO-GN-01 GNSS site SYOG 2024-01-28
    SYO-RS-01 Syowa Station Radiosonde Launch Site 2024-01-28
    TAT-GN-01 GNSS Site TATN 2020-11-26
    TAT-GN-02 GNSS Site TSK2 2024-05-15
    TAT-RS-01 Tateno Radiosonde Launch Site 2024-05-17
    TAT-RS-02 Automatic Tateno Launch System 2024-05-17
    TEN-RS-01 Tenerife Automatic Radiosonde Launch System (AUTOSONDE) 2023-06-28
    TRP-GN-01 GNSS site at SIRTA 2020-07-02
    TRP-LI-01 IRPAL Multi-Wavelength Lidar for Aerosol, Cloud and Water Vapour Profiling 2020-07-01
    TRP-RS-01 Trappes radiosonde launch site 2020-07-02
    XIL-GN-01 GNSS Site XLHT 2024-05-28
    XIL-RS-01 Xilinhot Radiosonde Launch Site 2024-05-28