RS41 GRUAN Technical Document 8 (GRUAN-TD-8) published

Document, Data product

The GRUAN Lead Centre announces the publication of the Technical Document (GRUAN-TD-8) on version 1 of the GRUAN data product for the Vaisala RS41 radiosonde (RS41-GDP.1).

The document contains technical information on the RS41 radiosonde, instructions for its operational use under the specific requirements for GRUAN, and a comprehensive description of the data processing for the individual product variables. The correction algorithms for the dominant measurement errors are based on laboratory investigations carried out by the LC at Lindenberg Observatory. The data product includes estimated measurement uncertainties for all parameters, and the document describes the classification of measurement uncertainty components based on their correlation properties, which is relevant when combining uncertainty components. A detailed description of the data format of the NetCDF data product files is provided in the previously published User Guide for the RS41 (GRUAN-TN-13).

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