Comparison of GRUAN RS92 and RS41 Radiosonde Temperature Biases



Jing, X.; Shao, X.; Liu, T.-C.; Zhang, B.



by Atmosphere (Atmos) at 2021-06-30



In this study, we validated the consistency of the GRUAN RS92 and RS41 datasets, versions EDT.1 and GDP.2, in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (200–20 hPa), through dual launch campaigns at the GRUAN site and using the radio occultation (RO) product and the ERA5 reanalysis from ECMWF as standards for double difference comparison. Separate comparisons with the references were also performed in order to trace the origin of the bias between the two instruments. Then, the performance of the GRUAN raw temperature correction algorithm was evaluated, from the aspects of day–night, the solar zenith angle, and the pressure level, for GDP.2 version products. The results show that RS92.EDT.1 has a warm bias of 0.355 K, compared to RS41.EDT.1, at 20 hPa, during daytime. This bias was found to mainly originate from RS92.EDT.1, based on the separate comparison with RO or ECMWF ERA5 data. RS92.GDP.2 is consistent with RS41.GDP.2, but a separate comparison indicated that the two original GDP.2 products have a ~1 K warm bias at 20 hPa during daytime, compared with RO or ECMWF ERA5 data. The GRUAN correction method can reduce the warm bias up to 0.5 K at 20 hPa during daytime. As a result, this GRUAN correction method is efficient, and it is dependent on the solar zenith angle and pressure level.




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