Air temperature measurement challenges in precision metrology


M. de Podesta, R. Underwood, L. Bevilacqua and S. Bell


by IOP Science (IOP) at 2018


The measurement of air temperature is important in many types of metrology. Despite being
generally an auxiliary measurement, in some fields poor knowledge of air temperature represents a limiting
uncertainty. Applications where this is the case include interferometric dimensional measurements, in
which the air refractive index correction is required, and the determination of relative humidity. Yet despite
its ubiquity, relatively little attention has been paid to determining air temperature with low uncertainty. In
this paper we discuss an under-appreciated systematic error in air temperature measurements: the diameterdependence
of the radiation correction for cylindrical and spherical sensors. After a discussion of the
typical magnitude of the effect we consider ways to mitigate the effect by the careful design of air
temperature sensors, and through use of non-contact air temperature measurement techniques.


Air temperature measurement challenges in precision metrology
M de Podesta et al 2018 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1065 122027


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