GRUAN certification for iMS-100 GRUAN Data Product Version 2 (IMS-100-GDP.2)

Data product

The iMS-100 GRUAN Data Product Version 2 (IMS-100-GDP.2) has been certified by GRUAN.

At ICM-14, Takuji Sugidachi (Meisei) received the certificate for the iMS-100 GRUAN Data Product (GDP) from the hands of Peter Thorne, co-chair of WG-GRUAN. The GRUAN data processing for the iMS-100 was developed as a joint effort of Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) and the radiosonde manufacturer Meisei. This processing builds corrects for all known measurement errors and biases, yielding reference quality-data for the iMS-100 radiosonde.

The certification of the iMS-100 GDP is based on

  • a peer-reviewed paper describing the validation of iMS-100-GDP versus the RS92-GDP (Hoshino et al. 2022)
  • an operational centralized data processing facility, operated by JMA in Tateno.
  • an operational data stream at the GRUAN sites TAT, SNG and MTS

Since the Technical document describing the data processing (GRUAN-TD-5) is being updated, the certification is provisional, awaiting final acceptance of TD-5 by the Working Group. The iMS-100-GDP ensures the continuity of the data stream for the JMA GRUAN-sites after the transition from RS-11G to iMS-100.

For more information, see the IMS-100-GDP.2 page.