GRUAN certification for Ross Island (ROS)


The GRUAN radiosounding and GNSS measurement program at Ross Island has been certified by GRUAN.

At ICM-14 WG-GRUAN co-chair Peter Thorne officially handed over the GRUAN site certificate to Richard Querel, the GRUAN site manager for Ross Island. Ross Island has been certified based on its measurement program, which includes daily radiosoundings with the Vaisala RS41 and GNSS-PW measurements, that fulfill the GRUAN requirements for reference-quality measurement data.

The Ross Island site is located off the coast of the Antarctic continent and consists of three instrumented facilities that are operated by NIWA (Arrival heights), AntNZ (Scott base) and USAP/NSF (McMurdo station). Ross island was certified by the WG-GRUAN in April 2021, and has been submitting data to GRUAN since December 2018.