Two new Antarctic GRUAN sites


We are happy to announce that two Antarctic sites have accepted the invitation by GCOS secretariat to join GRUAN.

Both sites are located near the edge of the continent and the sites in question are the AWI-run Neumayer research station (site code GVN, 70.67°S, 8.28°W) and Ross Island (site code ROS, 77.82°S, 166.65°E), which is a cooperation of McMurdo (USA), and Scott Base and Arrival Heights (both NZ). The latter two stations are operated by Antarctica New Zealand and by NIWA, respectively.

The research activities at Neumayer cover the areas of meteorology, geophysics and atmospheric chemistry. It will contribute to GRUAN with daily radiosoundings (RS41), regular in-situ profiles of stratospheric water vapor are planned. In addition, the management of the RS92-RS41 transition is supported with weekly twin soundings at Neumayer spanning mid-2018 till mid-2020.

GRUAN activities on Ross Island are divided between the three stations, where the daily radiosoundings (RS41) are performed at McMurdo by NSF-USAP, and Scott Base and Arrival Heights host various ground-based instruments, including FTIR and MWR.

The Lead Centre is working on configuring the data streams, meaning that soon GRUAN data will be available for both sites.

Additional weblinks

Neumayer (home) (webcam)

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