GCOS Reference Upper-Air Network


Tools and libraries

Software programms developed for use in GRUAN.


Raw data and meta-data collecting tool for radiosounding

GUI tool which can be used at sites to collect all relevant meta-data and raw data of a radiosonde launch. The software helps to ensure a consistent description of the actual sounding and to upload all relevant files to the GRUAN Lead Centre.


Comand line tool for handling radiosonde data files

Command line tool which can be used to handle a couple of radiosounding-specific file formats. Files can be tested, converted, extracted and more.


Command line tool to prepare simple radiosonde launches for upload to GRUAN

Command line tool which can handle a long list of radiosonde files and prepare all for upload to GRUAN. Important is, that it can only be used in case of simple routine soundings.


Tool for Vaisala MW41 online Xdata decoding and web visualization

The GM41 tool decodes the data stream of such instruments connected to the RS41 using the Xdata protocol and provides web visualization capabilities. The purpose of GM41 is to verify that the connected instruments are working properly, and that the recorded data are within expected limits. Currently supported Xdata based instruments are Vaisala OIF411, En-Sci CFH, En-Sci V7, ETHZ COBALD (serial numbers before 253 and after 270) and CAO FLASH-B.