GCOS Reference Upper-Air Network

Task Team on Measurement Schedules and Associated Instrument-type Requirements

A Task Team of AOPC Working Group on GRUAN (WG-GRUAN)


The GCOS/WCRP Atmospheric Observation Panel for Climate (AOPC) Working Group on GCOS Reference Upper Air Network (GRUAN) was established in 2006 in recognition of the importance of initiating reference-quality observations of atmospheric column properties, in particular temperature and water vapour, from the surface into the stratosphere to enhance the monitoring and understanding of climate variability and change. A GRUAN Implementation Plan was published in July 2009, and updated in 2013 to cover the period until 2017. At the second Implementation and Coordination Meeting (ICM) held in Payerne, Switzerland in March 2010 the WG-GRUAN, GRUAN Lead Centre, and initial sites agreed to the establishment of a number of task teams in order to better manage the workload associated with establishing the GRUAN as a sustainable GCOS network.

The task team on measurement schedules aims to develop defensible, quantifiable, and scientifically-sound guidance for GRUAN sites regarding measurement schedules and associated site requirements, in order to meet all GRUAN objectives including climate trend detection, satellite calibration/validation, and studies of local meso-scale processes and events. Working out an optimal mix of measurement strategies that best serves these combined calls on the network will require careful consideration of a number of factors beyond the purely technical ones.  Due to the fact that site resources will differ across the network, it will be necessary to produce a number of different and scalable strategies that can be utilized by sites possessing varying technical resources. These strategies must be backed up by quantitative evidence to the extent possible, and should apply to both in-situ and remote sensing capabilities.


Under the auspices of the WG-GRUAN the scheduling Task Team was established to:

Reporting and governance



(as at 2018-02-21)

Name Organisation
Tom Gardiner (co-chair) National Physical Laboratory, UK
Fabio Madonna (co-chair) IMAA / CNR, IT
David N. Whiteman NASA, US
Rigel Kivi FMI/ Sodankylä, FI
Lori Borg University of Wisconsin, Madison, US
Xavier Calbet Alvarez AEMET, ES
Jordis Tradowsky Bodeker Scientific, NZ
John Dykema Harvard University, US
Alessandro Fassó Università degli studi di Bergamo, IT
Alexander Haefele MeteoSwiss, CH
Richard Querel NIWA, NZ

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