An introduction to the GRUAN processor


F Carminati, B Ingleby, W Bell, S Migliorini


Satellite ApplicationsTech Memo (TM) by UK Met Office at 2016-01-15


As  part  of  the  GAIA-CLIM  project,  reference  quality  radiosonde  data  from  the  GCOS  reference upper-air  network  (GRUAN)  will  be  used  to  characterize  the  uncertainties  in  numerical  weather prediction (NWP) model fields, as well as simulated radiances derived from these fields. The comparison of collocated geophysical fields and simulated radiances between radiosondes and model fields is made possible through a new software developed at the Met Office and aimed to be part of the EUMETSAT-hosted ’Virtual Observatory’ tool-set. The software, referred to as the GRUAN processor, has been designed and is in a preliminary state of development, and although data have been successfully processed, critical components are still to be developed. The present document introduces the top-level design of the GRUAN processor, details its key components, and gives an overview of the planned improvements. Preliminary outputs, although not scientifically robust in their current state of development, illustrate the possible range of future applications, including but not limited to, the assessment of uncertainties in NWP or reanalysis both in observation and radiance spaces.


F Carminati, B Ingleby, W Bell, S Migliorini, An introduction to the GRUAN processor, Satellite ApplicationsTech Memo 46, UK Met Office, 2016. http://www.gaia-clim.eu/system/files/publications/Carminati_2016.pdf


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