All certified GRUAN data products are based on measurements and processing that adhere to the GRUAN principles (e.g. Immler 2010).

Please sign up for our GRUAN data user service (Registration), if you are interested in GRUAN data products. You will then receive occasional updates and news about GRUAN data products as they become available.

All GRUAN data products can be accessed openly.

Please consider including GRUAN scientists as co-authors for publications in which GRUAN data play a substantial role or are extensively used.

Please do not hesitate to contact the GRUAN Lead Centre (email) if you have questions about data quality and/or suitability of the data for the specific study in question and offer co-authorship for data that directly contibuted to your research.

All release versions of GRUAN data products are accessible at NCDC. Before access to data please register at our GRUAN data user service.

GRUAN data products
GDP as documented NetCDF

  • RS92-GDP.2 -- Certified RS92 GRUAN data product version 2

Relevant documents

GRUAN-TN-1: Vömel, H., Sommer, M. and Dirksen, R.: Establishing Data Products For New Radiosondes in GRUAN. GRUAN Technical Note GRUAN-TN-1, v1.0 (2013-07-08).

GRUAN-TN-4: Thorne, P.: Guidelines on requirements for the initial development of a GRUAN data product. GRUAN Technical Note GRUAN-TN-4, v1.0 (2016-04-21).

Beta versions of GRUAN data products
BETA as documented NetCDF

This group of data products includes all versions which are in certification process, in development or with special focus.

Manufacturer data product
EDT as documented NetCDF

Converted raw data
Raw data as documented NetCDF

Original raw data
Mostly available in undocumented (proprietary) file formats