New Official GRUAN Website


We proudly announce the new GRUAN website.

This new website has been completely revised and redesigned and offers a number of new features and services:

Independent site

The website is an independent site hosted on a separate server, and is no longer part of the DWD website.

Modern design

The new website has a modern responsive design and can be displayed at all kind of web-enabled devices, such as PC, tablet, smartphone.

Dynamical elements

The new website includes elements with dynamical contents, e.g. an overview of the status of the GRUAN data archive.

Communication platform

The new website integrates all web activities that were previously scattered over various sites, e.g. website, blog, wiki, etc. In addition, new features are available, such as comments, user forum, or contact form.

Secure access

The new website supports the secure protocol HTTPS.

User management

The new website includes user management. Beside the registration at the site as a normal user, users can have different levels of access privileges.

Protected areas

The new website offers restricted areas where information is available to selected users only, e.g. for GRUAN working group.


Any feedback or suggestions for improvements are welcome (