ICM-12: virtual meeting 16-20 November 2020


In view of the Covid-19 situation, ICM-12 will be organized as a virtual meeting. The meeting will consist of 3-4 days with 2-3 hour video conferences in the week of the originally-planned ICM-12 (16-20 November 2020). Further details about the meeting-schedule will be announced later.

Many countries and/or organisations still have prolonged travel restrictions in place, so that it is likely that a considerable number of GRUAN colleagues will not be able to travel to Reunion Island to attend ICM-12 in person. Since an important, and much-valued, aspect of ICMs is the possibility for in-person discussions and information exchange between members of the GRUAN community, we think that the absence of a large number of GRUAN-colleagues would devalue the meeting.

Therefore we decided to have this year's ICM as a virtual meeting, reduced to high-priority issues, and to postpone the in-person ICM to November 2021 (exact date to be announced later).

The venue remains Reunion Island, due to the kind offer from the local organizers to host the meeting next year.