GRUAN Technical Document 5 has been published


We are pleased to announce that GRUAN Technical Document 5 (GRUAN-TD-5) 'Characteristics and data processing for the Meisei RS-11G and iMS-100 radiosondes' has been published.

This document gives a comprehensive overview of the technical and data processing aspects of the Meisei RS-11G and iMS-100 radiosondes, which are employed as operational radiosondes by the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA). These sondes are used to perform high-quality reference measurements at the following GRUAN sites: Tateno, Minamitorishima (Pacific), and Syowa (Antarctica).

The technical document offers detailed information on the technical specifications of the radiosondes and the calibration uncertainties. In addition, it provides a detailed description of the data processing and the corrections that are employed, together with the resulting uncertainties for the measurands. Hereby, this technical document is an important contribution to the traceability of the data products for the RS-11G and iMS-100, and marks an important milestone for GRUAN, as it is the first comprehensive technical document for a radiosonde.

Technical Document 5 is a collaborative effort by our colleagues from JMA and Meisei.

See more at docuement page GRUAN-TD-5.