Lead Centre hosts meeting on GCOS/GUAN/GRUAN cooperation


Between 5-7 December 2017 the members of the Task Team on GUAN convened at the Lindenberg observatory to discuss the coordination and structure of the GCOS Upper Air Network (GUAN).

The task team consists of representatives of GCOS, the NWP community, the satellite observations community, national meteorological institutes, and GRUAN (Lead Centre + co-chair).

As outcome of the meeting, the task team formulated various recommendations that will be reported to AOPC. On the final day of the meeting discussions focussed on the cooperation between GCOS secretariat and the Lead Centre.

Besides fruitful discussions, the participants also visited the research facilities at the observatory, including attending the launch of an extended research payload containing a.o. CFH. They also paid a visit to the Lindenberg Weathermuseum, which offers a diverse and unique collection of historical meteorological instrumentation.

Participants: Tim Oakley - GUAN network manager, Caterina Tassone - GCOS secretariat, Valentin Aich - GCOS, Bruce Ingleby - ECMWF, Peter Thorne - GRUAN co-chair, Christoph von Rohden - GRUAN LC, Michael Sommer - GRUAN LC, Ruud Dirksen - GRUAN LC, Hiram Escabi - NOAA, Richard Querel - NIWA, Marc Schröder - DWD CM SAF