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Meeting |

ICM-11: 20-24 May 2019 in Singapore

The 11th GRUAN annual Implementation and Coordination Meeting, ICM-11, took place 20-24 May 2019 in Singapore.

All presentations and documents of the...


Station |

GRUAN certification for Singapore (SNG)

The GRUAN radiosounding program at Singapore has been certified by GRUAN.


Station |

GRUAN certification for Lamont (SGP)

The RS92 measurement program at Lamont has been certified by GRUAN.


Campaign |

Test campaign with Skydew instrument at Lindenberg observatory

From 1-5 April our colleagues from Meisei, Takuji Sugidachi and Kensaku Shimizu, visited the Lead Centre at Lindenberg Observatory to test the Skydew...


Data Network Station |

GNSS station installed at Lamont (Southern Great Plains)

In a cooperative effort, ARM and GFZ Potsdam have set up a GNSS station at the GRUAN site in Lamont (Southern Great Plains).

Network |

The value of collaboration in New Zealand

Development of a Site Atmospheric State Best Estimate for Lauder temperature demonstrates the value of collaboration between NIWA and the New Zealand...


Working group |

June Wang new co-chair of WG-GRUAN

We are pleased to announce that June Wang (SUNY Albany) has accepted the position of co-chair of the Working Group to GRUAN, hereby taking over this...


Meeting |

Lead Centre hosts meeting on GCOS/GUAN/GRUAN cooperation

Between 5-7 December 2017 the members of the Task Team on GUAN convened at the Lindenberg observatory to discuss the coordination and structure of the...


Meeting |

ICM-10: 23-27 April 2018 in Potsdam

The 10th GRUAN annual Implementation and Coordination Meeting, ICM-10, will be organized 23-27 April 2018.


Campaign |

Testing of new Korean Dual Thermistor Radiosonde

In September, the CORETEMP 2017 campaign was hosted by the GRUAN Lead Centre in Lindenberg.