10th GRUAN Implementation-Coordination Meeting (ICM-10)

GRUAN’s 10th Implementation and Coordination Meeting (ICM-10) will be held 23-27 April 2018 in Potsdam, Germany.

Testing of new Korean Dual Thermistor Radiosonde

In September, the CORETEMP 2017 campaign was hosted by the GRUAN Lead Centre in Lindenberg.

GNSS station installed at Barrow

In a cooperative effort, ARM and GFZ Potsdam have set up a GNSS station at the GRUAN site in Barrow.

AMT paper Calbet et al. 2017 published

GRUAN-related paper published at AMT with title "Consistency between GRUAN sondes, LBLRTM and IASI "

GRUAN Technical Note 8 published

GRUAN Technical Note 8 (GRUAN-TN-8) published with title "GRUAN Monitor MW41 and the Vaisala RS41 Additional Sensor Interface"

New Official GRUAN Website

We proudly announce the new GRUAN website.

Important Changes of Radiosounding in GRUAN

Recently, various GRUAN sites have changed their system used for daily operational radiosoundings.

9th GRUAN Implementation-Coordination Meeting (ICM-9)

GRUAN’s 9th Implementation and Coordination Meeting (ICM-9) will be held 12-16 June 2017 in the FMI headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

AMT paper Calbet et al. 2016 in review

The GRUAN-related paper at AMT is now accessible and open for interactive public discussion until 29 December 2016 with title "Consistency between...

GSICS Quarterly Newsletter article Tradowsky et al. 2016 published

GRUAN-related article published at GSICS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 10, No. 2, 2016 with the title "GRUAN in the service of GSICS: Using reference...